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This site was created for fellow Winchester collectors who enjoy the pursuit of the many non-gun WRACO (Winchester Repeating Arms CO.) collectibles. It is designed to encourage both new and advanced collectors to view and exchange information. Your involvement and encouragement will help advance everyone's knowledge!

(added April 9, 2008)--PLEASE NOTE! This is NOT A RETAIL STORE SITE!!!! I carry no guns, I don't collect them, I have no information on them, either the older ones or the new production. I have no information on VALUES, Dates of PRODUCTION-I take no trades (on Guns). It seems that many people are just crusing the INTERNET and looking for this type of information and not reading my POSTED NOTICE!

This is a COLLECTORS site-has NO GUN INFORMATION (not a retail STORE)

I started collecting and assembling information on Winchester items as a result of a teenage incident. Hunting in Kansas as a farm lad, I was proud of my "new" shotgun (a Model "12"). Except I couldn't figure out how to break-down the gun to clean it like I was advised to do. After much embarassement, I later determined that the gun was a Model 25 and couldn't be taken down into 2 pieces. This started a curiosity and determination to find out more about the gun models, which led to exploration of the shells, then shotgun boxes (a form of adverstising), and subsequently to all types of Winchester adverstising. Not surprisingly, considering my father and grandfather's hardware entrepeneurship, this led to an interest in "The Winchester Store", "The Sportsman Headquaters", and other associated items that were handled in those stores.

My collection is broken down into the following categories:

  • Adverstising-general (incl. paper, cardboard, tin signs, diecuts, floor diplays, etc...)
  • Advertising-"the Winchester store" -of any type
  • Calendars and Posters
  • Household Appliances and related products
  • Oil, Grease and related products
  • Cartridge Boards
  • Sports
  • Tools
  • 5-panel sets
  • "Armax", "Barney and Berry", "Crusader" and "Hendryx", which are Winchester manufactured "house brands"-(any item)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Philip R. Goodwin-any of this stuff-see special section for more details!
  • I.E. Melcher (Irvin) Hardware Stores (Manchester, OK & Wellington, KS-these are my grandfathers stores)
    Phone: (316) 634-1877

    Updated: October 7, 2013