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(updated the SHOTSHELL BOXES that I am seeking for my collection!) note-About half the P.R.Goodwin prints have been sold! The only Guns that I am collecting are STAINLESS STEEL rifles and shotguns. These could be any model that were produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. during the period of 1930/1934. Please call or email if you have any Winchester Rifle or shotguns (even if you only have the barrel itself)!

For the past year I have been liquidating those advertising pieces that were post World War II, of my lifetime WINCHESTER ADVERTISING collection. I had previously sold my WINCHESTER GUN collection, and now only a very few guns remain. You can view those items currently for sale by going to the LINK at the top of the page marked "Tim's For Sale list"

I have just added a list of non-WINCHESTER shotshell boxes that I am currently collecting. This list is featured below and is kept updated, so if you have any of these items, please give me a call or email.

IMMEDIATELY after the new section on non-WINCHESTER shotshell boxes, is a full listing of my current WINCHESTER WANTS!. Again if you have any of these items, please give me a call or a email!

Seeking to BUY or TRADE for the following (non-Winchester) SHOTSHELL (full, partial/empty) boxes & related SPORTING ITEMS!

In the first 30 years of this century, the following HARDWARE Companies, sold their own (i.e."BRANDED!) shot shell boxes, which were loaded by Peters Cartridge Co! Always a 2-piece box, never 1-piece!


"IDEAL BRAND"-loaded for "HIBBERT, SPENCER and BARTLETT & Co., Chicago, IllS."


"IDEAL BRAND"-loaded for "MOORE-HANDLEY Hardware Co., Birmingham, Ala."

"IDEAL BRAND"-loaded for "TOWNLEY METAL & HARDWARE, Kansas City, Mo."

"IDEAL BRAND"-loaded for "The W. BINGHAM COMPANY, Cleveland, Ohio"


"STAR BRAND"-loaded for "HIBBERT, SPENCER and BARTLETT & Co., Chicago, IllS."

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for "BOSTWICK-BRAUN, Toledo, Ohio."

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for "MARSHELL-WELLS Minn."

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for "PAXTON & GALLAGHER & Co., Omaha, Nebr."

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for"U.H. & M. Co., Los Angeles, Calif."

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for the "The W. BINGHAM COMPANY, Cleveland, Ohio"

"STAR BRAND"-loaded for "TOWNLEY METAL & HARDWARE, Kansas City, Mo."
Phone: (316) 634-1877



WILL buy/trade for any older Winchester poster, but especially lookin for the following:

1904-"BigHorn Sheep"-artist unknown-see Webster book "Winchester Rarites"-p.41

1911-"Two men shoot down at Mountain Goats"-by P.R.Goodwin-see "Rarities"-p.43

1919-"WINCHESTER-World Standard Target and Small Game Rifles" by Geo.Brehm-"Rarities"p.55 (right side)

1932-(LARGE CARDBOARD FLOOR DISPLAY)-by Frank stick-shows men in marsh shooting ducks!


WINCHESTER CALENDARS for years 1886-to-1934

wanted to acquire the following small or (mini-type) Calendars-

AUSTIN POWDER co.-year 1923

DUPONT POWDER Co.-for 1901 & 1902

MARLIN RIFLE Co.calendars

1899-1898-1900-(1901/moose head), (1902/falling duck), (1903/antelope), (1904/Hunter in Marsh) (1905/old blackman)

ink blotters: 1901-1902-1903-1904-1905.

I will buy or trade-for the following WINCHESTER "Fishing" items!

Buying-only N.I.B. (New in BOX with all parts and paper)-the following Modern WINCHESTER branded reels (made in KOREA and distributed by CABELA'S)

"AA" (Spinning Reel)-need models AA35 and AA40

"SUPER-X (Spinning Reel)-need models SX30, SUS30 and SUS40)

"SUPER-X (Casting Reel)-need models SX50 and SX400

"WILDCAT" (Spinning Reel)-need models ww30 and ww40

"CLASSIC" (Casting Reel)-need "GOLD" model

"CLASSIC" (Spinning Reel)-need models CL40 and CL50

"MAGNUM" (Casting Reel)-need model 21)--has a wood handle

I will buy or trade-for the following WINCHESTER "Sports" items for my collection!


BASEBALL--need any left handled glove, gloves marked "The Winchester Store" or marked with a"W".

All baseball balls or associated equipment, including hats, uniforms, etc.

(Winchester-FOOTBALL, TENNIS, GOLF and all other sports)

Need all BOXING, BASKETBALL, SCOCCER or other sports items, especially the "MINOR" sports, ie. FIELD HOCKEY, LARROSSE.

Also all related advertising: paper, brochures, diecuts for WINCHESTER sports items!

I will buy or trade-for the following WINCHESTER tools and related items for my collection!

"OIL CANS"-(especially the Green Utility OIL) and all oilers marked "The Winchester Store" and related advertising.

Advertising-Winchester in general

All paper,cardboard, tin. "The older the better!"

All souvenir items (rules, cutlery, and other give aways)

All window, electric, or enameled signs (see p. 246-of 1926/27 catalog)

Advertising-The Winchester Store

All types of Displays(wrench, flashlight, brace & bit, lock, round bit holder, meat grinder, etc)

All Shotshell boxes (any size, full or empty)

Anything relating to "NYC" or "San Francisco" retail stores

Anything relating to items from WRACO to their vendors or concerning the manufacture or distribution of their "house" brands, ie."Armax", Barney & Berry" etc. All paper items especially "Heralds" and "Store Times" and "WJRC items"

This is the list of the Heralds that I am particularly seeking:

Calendars and Posters

Wanted-Any and all (of any year) if it is "WINCHESTER" or 'Philip R.Goodwin" (See complete list of needs/wants in both the "WINCHESTER WANTS and the WINCHESTER FOR SALE" sections of the website!

Household Appliances and related products

All household appliances (especially sweepers-manual or electric , toaster, coffee pot (any size) , vacuum bottles (any size, fans (again any size), ironing boards, ice cream maker (there were many sizes, lunch box, and the list goes on!)

Radio-cabinet or table, sewing machine, washing machine, refrigerator p>

Oil, Grease and related products

Any display of grease, oil, rust remover, etc.. and all advertising.

Cartridge Boards

All CARTRIDGE BOARDS- (only need the 1874!) Will buy the later 1940/50's style also.


All sports items and their advertising, especially basketball, baseball, football, fishing, and the other minor sports.


All items marked "special" or "monthly special"

Anything marked "The Winchester Store" or "Sportsman Headquaters"

Anything "new in the box" or just the box or carton itself.

All paint items especially, brushes, brochures, displays, sample racks, etc...

I will buy or trade-for WINCHESTER tools and related items for my collection! See a complete list at the top of this page!
Phone: (316) 634-1877

All Cut Section tools (i.e. hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, and skate wheel)

5 Panel Sets

All single, three panel, or full five panel sets

All frames either steel or wood

W.J.R.C.-(Winchester Junior Rifle Corp)-and related items

WJRC advertising, NEWSLETTERS, Posters, Cardboard, paper items

related items, like "Junior Trapshooting, Targets, pinbacks, medals

I.E. Melcher (Irvin) Hardware

I. E. Melcher (Irvin) Hardware Stores in Manchester,OK. and Wellington, KS.

These are the two hardware stores that my grandfather owned in the 20's and am seeking any and all items that show or carry his name.

PHILIP R. GOODWIN-items wanted!

I collect Phillip R.Goodwin items in the following categories:
#1-CALENDARS and POSTERS-(any company, if illustrated by P.R.Goodwin)

#2-PRINTS-(any size-no reproductions!)

#3-PORTFOLIO's-any one featuring P.R.Goodwin prints-especially LOOKING FOR-"DETROIT GRAPHITE CO-DEGRACO PAINT"

#4-MAGAZINEs with a Philip R. Goodwin FRONT COVER

#5-CATALOGS with Philip R. Goodwin FRONT Cover

#6-ENVELOPES-(or more correctly called-covers! with any P.R.Goodwin images) call or email with questions!


#8-PUZZLES-(any type with a P.R. Goodwin image, but especially wooden puzzles)

#9-SQUARE, METAL SERVING TRAY-shows Indian on horse back, shooting a bow and arrow at running buffalo!

#10-BRONZE-of a "SITTING BEAR"-is 6 inches high!

Wanted for my collection, the following Gun Company-POSTERS and CALENDERS!

(Bristol-Horton Manuf.Co-CALENDARs):-(1917 and 1918)

(Marbles Co.-CALENDARs):-------------1917-1918-1919-1920-1921-1922-1923)-1924

(Marlin):----------------------------(wanted!-small mini-calendar/or blotters/these will NOT be by P.R.Goodwin)

(Remington-UMC-CALENDAR--------------1912-titled "Going In" (3 men on RR platform with green canoe)

(Remington-POSTER):------------1907-titled "The Right of Way" Man on mountain ledge confrontS Grizzley!

(Remington-UMC-POSTER):--------1910-titled "The Horiculteriest"(cowboy watering flowers on cabin deck)

(Savage and Stevens-CALENDAR):-1927-titled "It's Savage Time"-shows 2 men on raft, they see bear on the shore.

(Savage-Stevens CALENDAR):-----1928-titled "Got Him Coming-The Moose Caller"-shows 2 men in Birchbark canoe, one is using Birch Bark bugle.

(Western-POSTER):---------------(ca.1910-shows man getting drink from stream and spots a ELK!)

(Winchester-POSTER):------------1904-titled "The Kind that gets 'em"-Hunter on Mountain top with his trophy ram

(Winchester-POSTER):---------------1911-(2 men laying down on high flats, spot Mountains goats below!)

(Winchester-large paper POSTER):-----(ca.1912) 40x60 poster-4 folds-features 2 men in mountains with campfire and large tent, they spot Mountain sheep on hillside!)

Winchester-CARDBOARD DIECUT):--------(ca.1912) Actually a floor diplay piece which-shows old man with white whiskers and M-12!)
Phone: (316) 634-1877

Updated: April 27, 2015